Not a long time ago everyone was trying to GET bitcoins. Buying them, mining them, earning them online or getting them for free via bitcoin faucets. Times are changing though. Not everyone is seeking for bitcoins to use them as an investment and to keep them in their wallets. We have reached the point when people want to spend bitcoins already. And that is a good thing - finally bitcoin won’t be only tool for transferring cash among people’s wallets or investment toy. Now it will start to fulfill its main purpose: being a useful currency. So, if you are interested, what and where can you buy with bitcoins?
As with “regular” cash (dollars, euro, yen) you can go to classic bricks-and- mortar shops and pay with your wallet (probably using your phone with bitcoin application). Or you can obviously pay to bitcoin-accepting merchants online. We will take a look on both options. So if you want to spend bitcoins either way, we hope that you will find some interesting ideas in our article which we will often update as more and more merchants are starting to accept bitcoins.


Everyone likes shopping online. It’s easy, very convenient and in last years you can say it became safe. With plastic cards payments options or using PayPal/Google Pay/Skrill and many other payment providers it is became “normal” to shop online. What can bitcoin offer here for you? The main answer is : Huge savings on fees! And much more of course. But enough about this as this page is about paying with bitcoins. So let’s take a look around what internet merchants offer for your BTC.

Online Retailers Accepting Bitcoin

Growing number of large e-commerce websites is announcing that they start to accept bitcoins - every day. The largest was the mighty Dell only last month. And good news is that there are hundreds of small ones which will accept bitcoin payment for their merchandise. So no difficulties - while checking out you only pick the bitcoin payment options and that’s it. To find a shop with goods you are interested in and which will accept bitcoin is lately becoming very easy. There are bitcoin retailers directories where you can find all possible websites where you can spend your bitcoins on. You should check these major ones: